Biography of Kalman Deak

1906. He was born at Gavosdia, Krasso-Szoreny (Severin) county, Transsylvania.
1918. Rumania occupied Transsylvania.
1920. Finished the elementary school at Temesvar (Timisoara)
1921. The family went to Hungary.
1926. He joins the Hungarian Royal Gendermarie.
1931. He ranked as Sergeant.
1933. He joined to Central Radio-Listening Service, at Budapest.
1934. He met with my Grandma, Maria Ozsvath.
1938. He ranked as the Head of the Central Radio-Listening Service.
1940-42. He teaches about the radio - and wireless operator.
1941. He ranked as Junior-Lieutenant.
1944. He ranked as Colonel.
1945. The family went to Germany as refugee (with 750.000 other Hungarians.) The Hungarian government stops the existing of the Hungarian Royal Gendermarie.
1946-51.Staying in forced-place.
1952. Kalman Deak joined to Hungarian State Railways.
1962. The famous train-accident. Kalman Deak saved lifes in this accident.

1966.He retired.